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Numerology bridges the gap between understanding yourself psychologically and obtaining the learning tools needed to comprehend and honor what is best for you in the given situations and challenges that arise during your lifetime.

Whether you are looking to confide an immediate concern or seeking advice on a larger scale, l will listen and respond according to your Numbers.

What Numerology is:
-Who you are
-Who you are with the life you have been given to lead
-How you deal with it
-Fully participating in your own life

What Numerology is not:
-Not psychic
-Not predictions
-Not writ in stone
-Not an intellectual discussion determining whether the Numbers are right or wrong
-Not coaching
-Not getting what you want

We will talk about how your Numbers live in you every day.

I score a person’s Numerology chart by hand; there are no two alike.
No computer programs are involved.

In your own studies and curiosity you may have read up on the Basics of Numerology.   These tend to be textbook definitions that sell books to people who like to dabble. Numerology can get very boring once you figure out the basic formulas that make you feel smart because you can do the math.  (Thank you Pythagoras   :  )

You tend to put the book down and go on to something else because you don’t really know what to do with the superficial level of information you just learned.  That’s what I did – at first.

Stitching the Numbers into your daily life and see them “be” in front of you takes attention and introspection on your part – and someone who knows how to show you.

That’s what I do.

The reading is conversational – I do not bog you down with the technicalities of Numerology.

I catch you in the act of living a number which, in turn, helps you achieve clearer perspective on how life works for you.

When you start to gain a better understanding of the why and how going on in your life, then you just start to feel better about things.

For those who want to learn more about Numerology, I offer classes for Numerologists on all levels.

Numerology is like learning a language.  Once your get past the translating and start thinking automatically in Numbers, then interpretation allows for greater vibration.

Numbers do evolve.  They are the vibration of your life, everyone’s life. When you become advanced in Numerology, you start to pick up nuances that add facets and tone to a number.  That is when you are living the Numbers.

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Numerology Consultant

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Andria Goldin has been a Numerology Consultant for over 25 years. When consulting, she references numbers a little as possible, preferring to concentrate on the “why” of the problem or question, not the “because” technical explanations. She is passionate about having numbers come alive in your everyday life.

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